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Operation and maintenance of on-load tap-changers

(1) The moisture of the insulating oil pulls the system

As the moisture in the insulating oil accelerates the oxidation of the contact surface, reduce the electrical properties of insulating oil, so the operation of the switch in the insulating oil should be kept at a lower level of moisture, as long as the water content is low, regardless of the number of tap-changer operation and how long, switching oil breakdown voltage can still maintain a high level.

(2) If the two on-load voltage-regulating transformers run in parallel with the stalls or operating voltages are not at the same time, there will be a circulation exists, affecting the output of transformers. Therefore, it should be stipulated that, such as allow the transformer 85% rated load current to carry out the joint transformation operation, but can not be in a single transformer two consecutive joint transformation operation requirements.

(3) Staff carrying on-load tap-changer inspection, should touch or measurement (infrared temperature) switch side of the fuel tank surface temperature and the corresponding end has no difference, if there is more than 5K temperature difference, indicating the contact of the switch on-load contacts have bad phenomenon.

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