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WSL Head Motorized off-Circuit Tap Changer for Transformers

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: WSL

  • Connection Method: Y,D

  • Trademark: Jinli Tap Changer

  • Specification: IEC CE, ISO

  • HS Code: 8535900090

  • Max Rated Current: 600A

  • Rated Voltage: 40.5kv

  • Transport Package: Wooden Cases

  • Origin: Liaoning China

Product Description

WSL Head Motorized Off-Circuit Tap Changer for transformers



WSL head motorized off-circuit tap changer (hereinafter referred as OCTC ) is structured as cage shape and

non-oil chamber, which could be vertically mounted into transformer tank.

Designation of tap changer model 

Application range

The max. current of the tap changer is 600A, the highest voltages for equipment are 12kV and 40.5kV, It is divided to linear regulation at neutral point and single-bridging regulation at middle of winding, the max. operation position is 13 for single-bridging regulation and 14 for linear regulation.

Warning: The tap changer can be operated for changing the tap of a winding only when the 

transformer is de-energized.


This type off-circuit tap changer consists of gearing mechanism and body, gearing mechanism is on the

head of the tap changer, which can be mounted onto top cover of transformer tank; while the body,

structured as cage form and without oil compartment, can be mounted into transformer tank.


(1) All gearing components are located inside the compartment above the flange, isolating from transformer. Gearing components features as compact structure, small size, good appearance and convenient for maintenance.

Note: The gearing mechanism compartment on the tap changer head should be fully filled with

transformer oil before putting into operation.

(2) WSLV and WSLIV series off-circuit tap changer can be affiliated with HMWK-1 controller that can indicate the tap position and operate the tap changer manually by push button at control room.

(3) Clip contact structure, good heat dissipation, reliable contact and strong ability to withstand short-circuit current.

(4) Reliable operation is secured further by electrical and mechanical limit protection.

(5) The control circuit of tap changer controller is interlocked with that of transformer, the power supply of

controller is disconnected when transformer is energized, and therefore, ensuring tap changer could not operate in on-load condition.

(6) It is only suitable for standard tank mounting.


1.Open the top cover of tap changer

2. Drying procedure: under standard atmospheric pressure, heat up the tap changer at a temperature
increasing rate of 10C per hour until 110C, and then keep drying with circulating hot air for 24 hours.

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