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Current limiting and filtering function of reactors

With the expansion of power grid capacity, the rated value of the system short-circuit capacity increases rapidly. As in the 500kV substation low-voltage 35kV side, the largest three-relative short-circuit current effective value is nearly 50kA. In order to limit the short-circuit current of the transmission line and protect the power equipment, the reactor must be installed, the reactor can reduce the short-circuit current and the voltage of the short-circuit instantaneous system will remain unchanged.

When the capacitor loop is fitted with a damping reactor (series reactor), the capacitor loop is put into effect to restrain inrush current. At the same time, the harmonic circuit is formed together with the capacitor group, and the filtering action of each harmonic is made. For example, in the capacitor Circuit of 35kV reactive compensation device in 500kV substation, in order to limit inrush current and restrain high harmonics of power system in the 35kV capacitor circuit, the damping reactor must be installed and the rated voltage 35kV is used to restrain 3 harmonics. Rated inductance 26.2mH, rated current 350A dry hollow single-phase Outdoor type damping reactor, it and 2.52Mvar capacitor 3 harmonics to form a resonant circuit, that is, 3 times harmonic filter circuit.

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