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function of temperature control instrument

The dry-type transformer temperature controller adopts high-performance PT100 sensor, which is the control device to ensure the safe operation of dry-type transformer. The instrument design new, compact structure, firm, display eye-catching, intuitive, with more perfect system protection, parameter preservation and output instructions and so on. Its unique temperature overrun alarm, over-temperature tripping, load disconnection alarm output, can better guarantee the unattended power supply system safe and efficient operation.

1. The circuit display of three-phase winding temperature or the tracking display of the highest temperature phase winding (can be switched at will). Any way beyond the preset point is the start Control fan.

2. To realize the automatic control of the cooling fan starting or stopping (can switch at will).

3. Fan start and stop, over-temperature Alarm, over-temperature trip signal display, output and remote transmission.

4. The sensor open circuit, short circuit and exceed the measurement range hint, fan disconnection alarm and output.

5. Three-phase temperature correction.

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