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Safety tap changer and transformer switch

Safety tap changer and transfer switch

This Safety tap changer and transfer switch applies to the single-phase, three phase, combination oil-immersed transformer electrical power with frequency of 50HZ,60HZ,rated voltage of 10KV,35KV,rated current of 30A~500A; the voltage-regulating mode are: central point, terminal point, neutral point which can be directly fixed on the tank cover of the transformer, exchange under the off-circuit condition.

Liaoning Jinli Electric Power Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd was founded in 1986. It is one of the leading companies that specialized in producing transformer accessories, such as off circuit tap changer, on load tap changer, temperature controller, cooling fan, oil level indicator, pressure release valve etc. It well sells at Chinese domestic and abroad market such as Australia,New Zealand,Canada,Indonesia Peru and so on.

After more than 20 years development, the company has been strong in technical resource, and has accumulated rich experience of systematic design and practice and also established integrated product series. 

One of our patent products is regulating capacity on load tap changer. The most advantages is saving energy and reducing the on load loss. It proved that only 27% of no load loss is equivalent to the largest capacity operations. 

We have reached more than 30 series and more than 5000 sorts of specification group. We can satisfy the requirement of tap changer used the voltage of 110KV and less than 220KV transformer. We can also undertake designing and making all kinds of special switches according to the technical parameters, special structure and quality required by the customers. 

We have a very strict quality controlling system which promises the product we produced are always in best quality. We pride ourselves on quality which is our best selling point. Our business goal is to build smart electrical appliance to match our customer's requirements.


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