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SYTXYL-315(100)/10-5~7 horizontal on load capacity & coltage regulating tap changer

SYTXYL-315(100)/10-5~7 On load tap changer

This product to achieve reliable products in the process of switching arc, and without transition resistance, reduce operating voltage, ensure the smooth transition, improve power quality, with reliable operation, long service life.This product is equipped with intelligent power distribution terminal, control mechanism as a switch operation, use the wireless network (GPRS) to realize on-load capacity transformer of telemetry, remote communication, remote adjustment, remote control, realize the energy saving of power grid and can simultaneously.This product is also equipped with automatic online oil filter device, which can realize the switch automatically filter oil, so as to prolong the service life of the switch.


For example: SYTXYL 10-5-315 (100)/w said online filter oil type three-phase load capacity regulating tap-changer star Angle transformation, switch the rated capacity of 315 kva (star connection for 100 kva), rated voltage 10 kv (high side), voltage gear tap for horizontal switch gear.




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