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Transformer Switch Conventional Oil Type on-Load Tap Changer CV
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: CV

  • Connection Method: Y, D

  • Specification: IEC CE, ISO

  • HS Code: 85

  • Max Rated Current: 500A 700A

  • Rated Voltage: 1.5kv

  • Transport Package: Wooden Cases

Product Description
Transformer switch Conventional Oil Type ON-LOAD TAP CHANGER CV


The tap changer type CV is representing a selector switch of tubular design. The switching principle combines operational features of a diverter switch and of a tap selector.
The tap changer will be fastened to the transformer tank cover by its tap changer head flange (which serves also for connecting the tap changer to the drive shaft and oil compartment to the oil conservator.)
If required, the tap changer may be equipped with a change-over selector. (The design of the tap changer and the nomenclature of its main parts can be seen from the installation drawings in the appendix.)
Tap changer models without change-over selector are available up to 14 and with change-over selector up to 27 operating positions.
These operating instructions contain all information to install and operate the following tap changer models (without/ with change-over selector).
3-phase on-load tap changers for neutral point
3-phase on-load tap changers for any connection
Single-phase on-load tap changers

Designation of the tap changer model

1.1.2 Highest voltage for equipment : 40.5kV, 72.5 kV.
1.1.3 Number of operating positions for tap changer:
Without change-over selector, the number of operating position can be up to 10,12,14 contacts respectively; with change-over selector, it can be up to 19,23,27 contacts respectively.
1.1.4 There are two types of change-over selector, including reversing regulation reresented by W and coarse/fine regulation represented by G, Mid position no. can be '0' for without change-over selector, '1' or '3' for with change-over selector.
1.2 Scope of application
The tap changer is used on power transformer, rectifier transformer and furnace transformer of rated voltage of 110kV and below, rated current up to 500 A, frequency 50 to 60 Hz. The taps of the transformer can be changed by the tap changer on load to regulate the output voltage,which is to ensure it is stablized in the specified range. It is also used to increase or reduce output voltage according to the load requirement for the purpose of regulation line voltage.
1.3 Rated application conditions and requirement
1.3.1 The tap changer is used in oil, the temperature of the oil must not be higher than 100°C or lower than -25°C.
1.3.2 The environmental air temperature of the tap changer must not be higher than 40°C or lower than -25°C
1.3.3 When installing the tap changer on the transformer the perpendicularity with the ground level must not be bigger than 2%.
1.3.4 Any serious dust, explosive or corrosive gases must not be present at the installation site of the OLTC.
1.3.5 The storage place of the tap changer must be dry without moisture.

Technical data of Type CV On Load Tap Changer


OLTC can be divided into 5 big components: the tap changer head cover, the gear mechanism, main shaft, the oil suction pipe and the oil compartment.

The tap changer head circular cover
The tap changer head cover is made of aluminium alloy by die casting. Gear actuating mechanism, inspection window,oil and gas drain valves, explosive-proof cover are all on the cover. Oil-resisting sealing ring is used for the connection between the cover and the flange
Mechanical operation principle of the tap changer

Spring energy-accumulating mechanism
In the flange to the bottom of the head cover there are gear, grooved wheel, groove shift element and springs combined up to form a separate mechanism. Its function is to actuate the movement from the motor drive into the movement of the contacts on the main shaft.

Oil suction pipe
The oil suction pipe is located in the hollow center of main shaft, it can be seen when the gear mechanism is taken off.
It plays a role as oil suction pipe and to act as the positioning fixture of the main shaft.

Moving contact insert
The basic element is the 130 mm insulating tube. There are two groups of contact on the tube. Change over contact group is at the top and the three identical moving contact groups are at the bottom.

Oil Compartment
There is a die casting aluminium alloy flange at the compartment head. The middle is the
395 insulating cylinder and at the bottom is the bottom of the insulating cylinder. The oilresisting
rubber as sealing ring are used for the connections of these 3 parts. The function of the oil compartment is to support the fixed contacts of the tap changer, as well as to separate the OLTC oil from the transformer oil.


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