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Vacuum Type on-Load Tap Changer for Dry Type Transformers

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: vacuum tap changer

  • Connection Method: Y,D

  • Trademark: Jinli Tap Changer

  • Specification: IEC CE, ISO

  • HS Code: 8535900090

  • Max Rated Current: 500A

  • Rated Voltage: 0.9kv

  • Transport Package: Wooden Cases

  • Origin: China , Liaoning 

Product Description

Vacuum Type On-load Tap Changer for dry type transformers


The vacuum on-load tap changer (abbreviated as OLTC), suitable for dry type transformer
installed indoor, serves for voltage ratio adjustment under load of dry type transformer by realizing tap changes without interruption. The on-load tap changer, designed in single-phase structure, can be applied on any transformer winding connections (star, delta, etc.). For dry type three-phase transformer, three sets of single-phase OLTC can be mechanically coupled and operated by one unit of motor drive unit (abbreviated as MDU). OLTC consists of diverter switch which executes high-speed resistor transition and tap selector. At first, the tap terminal is selected via tap selector and the subsequent switch under load is carried out through diverter switch. Vacuum interrupters serve as arc contacts of diverter switch while the load of main circuit is carried by specific main contact set.

For any standard equipment delivery, one unit is comprised to achieve mechanical operation of OLTC (please refer to operation instructions of MDU for its running principles). It can function for local and remote control modes and is able to be installed outdoor due to its protective housing. In case of OLTC equipped with huge cabinet, the MDU can be mounted on side surface
of the cabinet.

Main characteristics

1 Vacuum interrupter is designed to satisfy OLTC operation condition, thus to ensure that OLTC
has reliable quality and long operation life.
2 The vacuum interrupter are fixed completely in the insulation frame, it will not be interfered by the moving of contact.
3 Vacuum interrupter works as arcing contact, there are special mechanical contacts carry the
current for long in main circuit, thus tap changer has good arc extinguishing capability and can be reliable operated for long time.
4 Adopting double-resistor transition structure in diverter switch, therefore it can be used for the transformer with bigger capacity.
5 Energy accumulating system is with compressed spring and adopting typical triggering
principle, to make tap changer operation in reliable and stable.

Designation of vacuum type on-load tap changer

vacuum type OLTC varies in different phase number, maximum through current, highest voltage for equipment and position number. In consequence, to distinguish type nuances, the designation of specific indicates clearly the values of above-listed variations as shown in below:

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