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WST 125/20-6X5 ZH3 tap switches

WST 125/20-6X5ZH3


Brief instruction:

1. 20KV and 125A off circuit tapchanger 
2 .12 monthes warranty time 
3. Stable performance
4 .Customer customized are available

5. Function: combined off circuit tapchanpger 


Details of product:

1.Meterial: Reinforced nylon,PPT
2.Characteristic: Less volume,less transformers room and lower designed costs
3:Life time: 20000 times

4 techinical data:


Non-excitation capacity-regulation cage tapchanger

2.Rated current:


3.Rated voltage:


4.Max.current and voltage:


5.Regulating position:

Positive-negative voltage-regulation

6.Tapping heads:


7.Tapping position:


8.Phase number:

Three phases

9.Management system: 


10.Power supply:

50HZ,60HZ/1000A or less than/10KV,35KV


5 Other information on the products:

This series of switches is composed of motor turning organ,main body of switch and motor controller.It has two structures:vertical type and horizontal type.They anr applicable to the oil-immersed electric furnace transformer with the rated voltage of 10KV,35KV;Rated current of 1000A or less.Under the condition of non-excitation tapping regulating and changing,it can be operated by electric power or hand.


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