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Terminal Tap-changer

  • Terminal Point Linear Tap-changer
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    Terminal Point Linear Tap-changer

    T erminal P oint L inear T ap-changer Also called 'Off-Circuit Tap Changer , Off-Load Tap Changer , or De-Energized Tap Changer (DETC) . No load tap changers are often utilized in situations in which a transformer's turn ratio...
  • Aluminum Hand-wheel Linear Tap-changer
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    Aluminum Hand-wheel Linear Tap-changer

    Aluminum H and - wheel L inear T ap-changer The purpose of a tap changer is to regulate the output voltage of a transformer. It does this by altering the number of turns in one winding and thereby changing the turns ratio of the...
  • Plastic Hand-wheel Tap-changer
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    Plastic Hand-wheel Tap-changer

    Plastic H and - wheel T ap-changer On load tap changers are the ones where taps in the transformers change automatically as per loads variations. The appropriate taps are selected by the transformers tap changers mechanism automatically...
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