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11kv/24kv/33kv Line Automatic Voltage Regulator With 32 Steps

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: AVR

    Product Description

    Ideally the distribution lines should to be able to keep the whole line of constant voltage,  but  in actual , the impedance of the distribution line will result in that the voltage  of end and terminal is not same( Figure 1). The actual voltage from the rated voltage of the circuit size is an important measure of power quality, also is a important guarantee of power supply reliability and voltage quality. 
    Since the line voltage can not be kept constant, when the actual voltage levels exceed the normal range of fluctuation of voltage allowed, it will seriously affect the normal use of the system and electrical equipment. 

    2) Electric power system:Low voltage will affect the power supply equipment output, reducing supply reliability, but also affect their own economic power, voltage drops particularly severe, even voltage collapse may occur, the frequency of loss and blackouts and other incidents
    3) Electric equipment:Voltage quality have an impact on safe and economic operation of various types of equipment such as the asynchronous motor, for example, if the voltage decreases, the voltage will reduce torque so that the slip is increased, so that the stator and rotor current significantly increases, resulting in motor temperature liter rise, possibly even burning motor; on the contrary, when the voltage is too high, due to the excitation current and iron loss greatly increased, resulting in motor overheating, efficiency is reduced..
    4) Low voltage will affect the use of incandescent lamps. Voltage 10% lower than the rated voltage, incandescent light flux is reduced by 30% higher voltage than the rated voltage of 10%, the lamp life is reduced by half.
    Low voltage will also affect the air conditioning running, cell phone charger, TV signal reception and other problems.
    5) Power system losses:In conveying power certain time, the square of system losses and operating voltage, if the voltage decreases, the current increases and the loss, the loss will become larger system
    6) Line voltage fluctuation range
    In order to ensure the level of actual voltage distribution lines within the permissible range of electrical equipment, line length is generally maintained at a reasonable distance (18KM, at least no more than 25KM), and the line load is not too large.
    7)The reality is that with the increase of electricity load, a lot of lines because of various conditions, transmission lines extending only response, which causes the voltage level of the terminal voltage exceeds the actual operating voltage range of electrical equipment, the situation is particularly common in rural electric system.
    8)The way to improve voltage regulation:

    1,Build a small electric substation (shortcoming:large investment,long time)
    2 ,Change the transmission line(shortcoming:large investment,long time)
    3, Change the taps in transformer(shortcoming:small regulation range,only ±5% range,need to add a on load tap changer)
    4,Install compensation capacitor (shortcoming:small regulation range,only ±2-3% range)
    5,Install line voltage regulator(Advantage:Low cost, quick improvment)
    9.1 Serious voltage line drop
    Some transmission line have a serious voltage drop since the load is too large or the transmission distance is too long, the solution such as the construction of the substation, the cost is too expensive. In this situation, we can install a voltage regulator in the place that the voltage drop is too large than normal range, to ensure the electric equipment working ordinarily.
    9.2 Transformer output side The tap changer and coil of transformer use one same tank, the operation of tap changer will result in cracking of insulation oil, increase the amount of maintenance and induce a variety of potential problems. In this situation, if we install a voltage regulator replace of transformer, we can decrease the maintenance of transformer , reduce security risk
    9.3  At important electric transmission line branch:If transmission branch A is too long also with too large load, but transmission branch B is short, in this situation , if use a transformer with tap changer, it can not meet all the regulation need in every branch, but if you use a voltage regulator, all problems will be solved.
    9.4,Work Principle:
    TVR-line voltage regulator is a special design autotransformer with on-load tap changer, it can automatically "monitoring" and smoothly adjusts the output voltage, and also guarantee the output voltage within the voltage requirement. 27 taps regulation can meet every step 0.75% regulation accuracy.

    10. Work condition

    6 Below 3000 meter;(special altitude can be customized)

    7 Work temperature: -25ºC-65ºC(special temperature can be customized)

    8 Monthly humidity less than(25ºC)90% in 25ºC

    9 Pollution class: III class

    10 Rating voltage  :11/22/33kV or customized

    11 Rating capacity:500kVA~6300kVA

    12 Frequency:50/60Hz

    13 Vector group:3phase 3 wire single winding star/delta

    14 tap change selector:9/11/13/17/27/32 position

    15 Cooling method:ONAN

    16 PT:10000/100V 50VA;

    17 CT:XXX/1A,2 meter method;

    18 third winding rating voltage:220V;

    (19)regulator range:(-10%~+10%),(-5%~+15%),(0~+20%)(0~+30%)or customized

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