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33kv Dry Type Power Transformerswith On-Load Tap Changer

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: 33kV Dry Type Power Transformerswith on-load tap changer

  • Phase: Three

  • Cooling Method: Dry-type Transformer

  • Certification: ISO9001-2000, ISO9001

  • Frequency Characteristics: Power Frequency

  • Brand: Jinli Tap Changer

  • Transport Package: Pallet / Wooden Case / Container

  • Origin: China

  • Application: Power, Instrument, Lighting, Rectifier

  • Core: Core-type Transformer

  • Winding Type: Separated Winding Transformer

  • Usage: Distribution Transformer

  • Shape of Core: OD

  • Trademark: Silverstone Electric

  • Specification: Refer to Drawings

The Features of Dry-type Transformers

1. Both the HV and LV windings are surrounded and filled by glass fiber mats, no filler in epoxy resin during casting

under vacuum condition. The windings will be solidified to form a solid cylindrical overall, with high mechanical

strength and high reliability and no partial discharge.

2. Fire and explosion proof, do not pollute the environment. Coil winding insulation materials such as glass fiber with

self-extinguishing properties, and will not arcing when short-circuit happened; heat the resin will not produce toxic

or harmful gases.

3. Coil does not absorb moisture, core clamps have a special corrosion protection layer, and transformers can be

abnormally running in the 93% relative humidity condition. No need special treatment during intermittent service.

4. High short circuit withstanding capability and lightning impulse level.

5. Thin resin in both inner and outer of coil can ensure good heat dissipation. Normally the transformer is air cooling

type (AN). Force air cooling type (AF) can be used on any transformer, in order to improve short-term overload

capacity, to ensure safety operation.

6. Lower loss level and save energy can reduce the running cost, and all transformers are maintenance-free.

7. Small size, light weight, small floor space, low cost of installation, no need to consider the discharge of oil, fire and

other fire control facilities and standby power.

8. Because there is no fire and explosion possibility, it can be easily installed in any place of load center and fully close

to the power consumption equipment, thus reducing the loss on the transmission line.

Factory Inspection

 Liaoning Jinli Electric Power Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd covered 10000m2 area locates in Tongxing Industrial Park in Dandong. Industrial Park in the northwest of Dandong City, 16 kilometers away from the urban area, is key areas of industrial development and industrial agglomeration areas. There are unique geographical and transportation advantages – Big donggang port,  Dan-da high-speed, Dan-fu high-speed, Dan-tong high-speed and Langtou International Airport together form sea, land and air transport network. At present, the company's total investment is 150 million Yuan, the total numbers of employees are more than 200 people, and the annual output value is more than 70 million Yuan. Meanwhile, Jinli company makes the effort to create good working, study and living environment. We provide free of charge regular bus, free accommodation and working food to employee, establish a recreation room for a variety of leisure activities. Company has a modern office environment, advanced production equipment and a number of high-quality scientific and technical personnel, senior management personnel which lay a solid foundation for entering into the international stage.

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