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A Brief Introduction Of Tap Changer

A tap changer is a mechanism in transformers which allows for variable turn ratios to be selected in discrete steps. Transformers with this mechanism obtain this variable turn ratio by connecting to a number of access points known as taps along either the primary or secondary winding. These systems usually possess 33 taps (one at centre "Rated" tap and sixteen to increase and decrease the turn ratio) and allow for ±10% variation(each step providing 0.625% variation) from the nominal transformer rating which, in turn, allows for stepped voltage regulation of the output.

Tap changers exist in two primary types,no load tap changers (NLTC) which must be de-energized before the turn ratio is adjusted and on load tap changers (OLTC) which may adjust their turn ratio during operation. The tap selection on any tap changer may be made via an automatic system, as is often the case for OLTC, or a manual tap changer, which is more common for NLTC. Additionally, tap changers are often placed on the high voltage (low current) transformer winding for easy access and to minimize the current load during operation.

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