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Basic Principle Of On-load Tap Changer

Transformer voltage regulation is graded. The principle is to draw out a number of grading head from the transformer burning winding, through on-load tap changer, in the transformer live or with load operation, switch from one to another, to change the effective turn number of transformers to achieve the purpose of regulating pressure.

The on-load tap changer consists of a switching switch, a selection switch, a range switch, an operating mechanism and a fast mechanism. The switch takes the part of switching load current. It moves through the fast mechanism and completes it quickly in a predetermined order. Select the switch in order to connect the immediate connection to the adjacent joints in advance, and bear the continuous load current. Its action is carried out without switching the load current. Therefore, it and switching switch with a step-by-step action, first select the switch with the use. On the compound switch, is the switch and selection of integrated, referred to as the selection of switch. Range selector switch is to increase the range of voltage regulation, sometimes in the selection switch side with a (or several) range switch connected to the positive anti-tune pressure, such as the thickness of the pressure, and so on to increase the pressure series. switching switches, selection switches, range selection switches are generally called switching body. The operating mechanism is also called the driving mechanism, which is the power source of the action of the switch body, which can be driven by electric power or manual.

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