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General Requirements For Selection Of Tap Changer

Different Transformers (Power and industrial change) have their share of the same: similar in appearance, both are static electrical equipment; Similar in structure, the transformer body is also composed of two or more windings around the Common Core, the same principle, according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, By alternating magnetic field, the primary winding and two windings are connected together, thus the function of changing voltage, current and transmitting electric energy is completed.

Because different transformers have common place, in the choice of tap switch should follow the following three common selection principles: ① to adapt to the characteristics of transformer voltage adjustment mode selection principle, ② just meet the transformer operation and test conditions of selection principle, ③ meet the performance parameters of the selection principle.

But different transformers have distinct load characteristics. In the selection of tap changer, the selection of the rated parameters should be carefully carried out.

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