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How To Check The No Excitation Tap Changer

Non-excitation tap changer is the assembly of no excitation voltage regulation. It has the characteristics of flexible and reliable movement, adjustable pressure, certain electrical strength, excellent dynamic and thermal stability, sufficient mechanical strength and service life. To three-phase neutral point without excitation tap switch, mainly by the flange plate, moving the contact head, operating nut, terminals and other departments.

No excitation tap changer can be inspected from the following points:

(1) Tap-changer contact should be no scars, contact carefully, contact spring has no annealing, discoloration phenomenon, the edge of the parts have no deformation and damage. (2) Each part should be fastened, and the switch should be cleaned. (3) Mechanical transmission assembly should be flexible and reliable, indicating accurate position. (4) After the positioning screw is fixed, the movable contact should be at the center of the fixed contact head.

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