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Tap Changer For Industrial Transformers

The installation environment and usage of industrial transformers are very different from those of power transformers. Therefore, in the selection of the basic parameters of tap switch quite a lot of trouble.

Industrial Transformer single capacity is generally large, therefore, no matter in the capital investment or in the energy consumption has caused the user attaches great importance, the pressure regulation is frequent, the pressure range is big, makes in the decision to adjust the pressure scope and the upper and lower limit value must be extremely cautious; the distortion of load waveform will cause large disturbance to the power grid. All this shows that the reasonable selection of basic parameters of electric furnace or rectifier transformer is very important.

According to the main switching parameters of industrial transformers, the corresponding technical parameters of the tap switch can be selected. When selecting the technical parameters of tap changer, we must consider the load characteristic of industrial transformer and the corresponding voltage regulating mode, and follow the selection principle to adjust the rated value of the selected tap switch.

(1) The choice of maximum rated passing current of tap changer.

(2) On-load tap changer to select the maximum rated pass current according to the allowable overload switching capability and the condition of overload operation.

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