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The Function Of The On-load Tap Changer
Voltage is an important quality index in power system. When the power system is in normal operation, the voltage changes will use the electrical equipment work to appear abnormal, directly affect the production and daily life. Therefore, voltage regulation is one of the main tasks of power system. The voltage regulating of the transformer is on the condition of constant electricity, and it is adjusted by the load tap changer. This kind of pressure regulating measure, the adjustment scope is big, the investment is small, the effect is good, the voltage regulation range is generally 20% and above. Adjustable speed, and at any time adjustable, tap switch manual or electric operation can also be controlled electric operation, easy to automate the management. The load tap changer is the main device of the transformer with load regulating. At present, the working reliability of the load tap changer has been greatly improved, the mechanical life has been increased from 200,000 times to 500,000, or even 1 million times, and the electrical life has been increased from 20,000 to 100,000 times. The relative failure rate is less than 1.5~2.0%. Switching capacity is constantly improving. The arc-extinguishing method is more perfect. The dry-type transformer has a vacuum tap changer with load regulating. It is safe, reliable, easy to maintain and so on, and it is made of environmentally friendly materials, will not produce the need for special treatment of waste.

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