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Voltage Regulation Range And Voltage Regulation Series Of Tap Changer

Different types of transformers not only make up the voltage fluctuations caused by the voltage fluctuation of the grid, but also put forward the requirements of the range of pressure regulation according to the different load characteristics. In general, industrial Transformers have a much larger voltage regulation requirement than the power transformer because of the need of the process.

The voltage differential and pressure range are closely related. The load characteristics of industrial transformers are essentially different from the load characteristics of power transformers, and industrial transformers usually require a small voltage differential and a lot of pressure-regulating series. But the more the series of voltage regulator, the more complex and difficult the equipment is made, the more investment and materials are used, the more the probability of the switch and the amount of maintenance will be. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to choose the voltage adjustment series correctly. The different types of transformers are divided into two types: no excitation voltage regulation and load regulating pressure.

The choice of voltage regulating mode is essentially the choice of voltage-regulating circuit type. According to the principle of voltage regulation circuit, the power transformer belongs to the constant flux voltage regulating mode, and the industrial transformer has the variable flux voltage regulation, the series transformer voltage regulation and the self-coupling voltage regulating transformer voltage regulation type three.

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