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WSB II 50/11-3*2 Plate Tap Changer With Transformer

Three-phase Plate Tap-Changer

Three phase plate off load tap changers are applied to oil immersed power transformer and distribution transformer. The power transformers are big in size and used for high power transfer applications, where the transmission voltage is greater than 33KV. It used in generating station and transmission substation high insulation level.

The distribution transformer is used for the distribution of electrical energy at low voltage as less than 33KV in industrial purpose and 440V-220V in domestic purpose. It works at low efficiency at 50-70%, small size, easy in installation, having low magnetic losses & it is not always fully loaded. Preventive Autotransformer (PA) Remember, the PA may also be referred to as a "reactor“ and is found on Reactance Type LTC’s. The PA serves as a current limiting device when the LTC is sitting on a bridging (odd number) tap position or passing through a bridging (odd number) tap position. A reactance LTC utilizes reactive impedance to limit the circulating current while in the bridging position. The amount of circulating current cannot be determined from the name plate. It is a function of the PA winding impedance and values are not released by the manufacture.


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