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Tap Changer

  • On-load Tap-changer
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    On-load Tap-changer

    On-load Tap - Changer A tap-changer is a mechanism in transformers which allows for variable turn ratios to be selected in discrete steps. Transformers with this mechanism obtain this variable turn ratio by connecting to a number of...
  • Non-excitation Tap Changer
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    Non-excitation Tap Changer

    Non-excitation Tap Changer We are , Liaoning Jinli, specialized in Transformer Tap Changer such as OLTC、Off Circuit Linear Tap Changer、Off Circuit Cylindrical Tap Changer etc with 30 years experiences. Non-excitation tap changer is...
  • Drum Tap-changer
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    Drum Tap-changer

    D rum Tap Changer We are one of the well-known manufacturers and exporters of Series Parallel Connection for Tap Changer. The offered series parallel connection for tap changer is widely used in the networks, which are connected with...
  • Cylindrical Tap Selector
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    Cylindrical Tap Selector

    Cylindrical Tap Selector We are one of the widely acclaimed manufacturers and exporters of Double Bridging Tap Changer. The offered double bridging tap changer is specially fabricated using the superior grade raw materials such as...
  • Triangle Off Load Tap Changer
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    Triangle Off Load Tap Changer

    triangle tap changer, tap selector, tap switch, off load tap changer
  • On Load Tap-changer
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    On Load Tap-changer

    On Load Tap - Changer Tap changers exist in two primary types, no load tap changers (NLTC) which must be de-energized before the turn ratio is adjusted and on load tap changers (OLTC) which may adjust their turn ratio during operation....
  • De-energized Tap Changer
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    De-energized Tap Changer

    De-energized Tap Changer This is a relatively recent development which uses thyristors both to switch the transformer winding taps and to pass the load current in the steady state. The disadvantage is that all non-conducting thyristors...
  • Off Load Tap-changer
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    Off Load Tap-changer

    Off Load Tap-Changer The main characteristics of this new series of tap changers are: Speed of installation; Safe and exact switch movement; Exact contact positioning after the switching maneuver; Compact dimensions; Possibility to...
We're professional manufacturers and suppliers specialized in transformer part tap changer. We provide top quality electrical device and power equipment tap changer transformer accessory for customers. Also, customized service is supported.
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